Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet! Miniature Glass Jars

Pun totally intended.  I saw miniature glass jar and just had to have them. I got these having absolutely no idea what I would do with them.  I still am not totally sure but I have a few clever ideas up my sleeve.  The little cutie in the picture above is for my little girl.  The ball chain I have is too big so I'm going to get a smaller one and make her a necklace.  There are candy sprinkles in there.  The kind you would use for cupcakes or cookies.  Not my original idea.  I've seen crafters online use these sprinkles but my kids thought I was a genius.  Check out the next picture to see just how tiny these little buggers are.

I do plan to make charms for some of my book themed necklaces down the road.  This will not be the last you see of these little sweeties.  Ideas are welcome.  Comment below if you have a great idea for these.


Miss Crissy said...

You could do them custom. Like with a prayer on a piece of paper kinda like a fortune from a cookie. you could do different colored paper and stuff with a little flower in there or something.

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