Monday, February 28, 2011

Coming Soon

I have some fun stuff coming soon.  Where the heck have I been?  Well first I was sick for the longest time  Seriously nearly 3 weeks.  I've never been sick so long but life goes on and it did.  I'm the mother of three which means I have been interrupted five times while just typing these few sentences.  I'm currently bribing them with jelly bellies to be quiet.  Please don't be jealous of my mothering skills.

I am taking an accounting class which is fun for me but apparently when I'm sick my IQ drains out my nose.  So I'm catching up with that.  I've gotten tons of orders lately so I've been packaging those up.  While doing all those things I've been trying to keep up with the house, spend time with my honey, keep the kids happy and socialize with friends.  Whew I'm tired.  Who am I kidding I've been tired for 3 weeks.

So what is coming?  Let's make a list.  I like lists.  Lists are fun.  Okay they are just fun for me so bear with me.

1.  Resin shoe clips for sale.  Like the ones I showed in the tutorial but all finished and ready for purchase on Etsy.
2.  Felt flower tutorial.  So you can make your own felt flowers for shoe clips, hair clips or whatever your little heart desires.
3.  Singed flower tutorial.  I'm sure you have seen these.  I'm hoping to borrow a tutorial from someone else and feature it.  These really turn out great.  I've done some hair clips with singed flowers already.
4.  My necklace idea.  I can't decide if Twilight will be first or Gone with the Wind.
5.  Clip on bowties.  Is it bow tie or bowtie?  Anyway.  I'll have the clips available for sale possibly with a bowtie pattern.
6.  Baby suspenders.  My little man is going to be the guinea pig for these.  We will see if I love or hate them but the clips for making them will be available.  They are also great for pacifier clips.
7.  Little girl flip flop clips.  Maybe little boy ones but I'm pretty sure there is no way to make these cute little suckers manly.  So count on little girl ones.
8.  Okay apparently I'll be here all day if I list everything.  There is tons more.  I can't guarantee how quickly I'll get these things on here but they are coming.

So again bear with me.  Did you know if you say "bare" with me you are asking others to undress with you?  So remember "bear" like grrrr will keep you out of awkward situations.  :)


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