Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So what do you do with Shoe Clips anyway? Part 1

Shoe Clips were the hot thing when grandma was a hottie.  Just do a google search for Vintage Shoe Clips and you will she the originals.  They pretty much look like a brooch or an earring for your shoe.  This I'm sure began because shoes used to be really plain.  Now we have huge varieties of styles and prints.  Lets be honest though.  Is it ever really enough?  Plus I don't know about you but I don't want to have to have a closet full of shoes when I could have about six cute pair that I can accessorize to make look like a brand new pair.

Today clever crafters make a variety of shoe clips.  They attach brooches, flowers, feathers, beads, jewelry findings and so much more.  They look awesome but are kinda pricey.  So why not do it yourself?  We will talk about other types of shoe clips in the future.  Today we are going to start with flat back resin flowers.  I have a variety of these because I just love them so much.  I've make bobby pins with them, rings and all kinds of cute stuff.  Today though we are making Shoe Clips. 

As you can see below I made clips for my flip flops.  Face it here in California we never stop wearing flip flops and they are just a little boring.  I wore these all day to see if the clip would slip off and it never budged.  The only problem I had was with my one year old thinking they were candy.  In fact I left my shoes in the living room last night and when I woke up this morning to find one of my clips missing.  I will have to ask his daddy about that.  Do make sure that your clips point out or you will feel them on your feet.  If you were them properly you won't even know they are there.

Okay be prepared.  What you see below if my FAVORITE pair of shoes.  I mean they are zebra I <3 them!  I really didn't think they could be improved upon but look!  Aren't they stinkin' adorable with the Red Rose Shoe Clip?

Here is another angle.  I know I know.  Yes great Mande but how do we make them?  It's so easy really.  You just have to have the right stuff.

You need shoe clips of course.  My Ebay listing is below and FREE Shipping.  :)

The next thing you need is E600.  Really you have not entered the world of crafters until you have a tube of this stuff.  It's amazing!  It glues things you never thought you could glue before.  It glues glass for goodness sake and it STAYS.  When you purchase shoe clips from you I send a fact sheet about adhesives but for this project E600 is the way to go.  You can even wash the stuff.  Now there is no need to wash your shoe clips but doesn't it just make you feel more secure that you could if you wanted to?  LOL! 

So how Mande?  How?  It's exactly what you are thinking.  Just glue the clip on.  Check the placement of your clip before you start.  If you are using the clip for the toe of your shoe you do not want to glue the metal piece in the center because when the clip is done it will be to far back on your shoe.  So make sure you know where you need to glue the clip before you start. 

Okay you ready?  See the side that has the two holes?  Glue that side of the clip to the flat side of your resin piece.  I recommend putting a small dot of glue on your resin piece.  About pencil eraser size.  Let it sit for 8-10 minutes.  Then open your clip and place the side with the holes over the glue and push down until it's flat against your resin piece.  If glue comes through the holes that is a good thing.  It will help keep the clip adhered.  Let it sit about an hour.  When you can touch the glue without if coming off on your finger close the clip and let it sit for 24 hours.  This glue takes a while to cure but it is totally worth it.   

Eventually I will have some of these all finished for sale on Ebay.  If you need a special order just let me know.  If you make some shoe clips yourself please send me a picture.  I would love to see them.  I can't wait until I do a post about kids shoe clips.  They are soooo cute!  Stay tuned!


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