Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Etsy Item For Sale - Shoe Clips

***Update:  Shoe clips are no longer for sale at Etsy but see my Ebay listing at the bottom of this post.  Thank you!***

I've thought about it.  I've talked about it.  I've dreamed about it but finally I have actually posted an item for sale with Etsy.  Why did I wait so long?  I was concerned the fees would be more than they are with ebay.  I was so wrong.  I was concerned I wouldn't be able to sell there.  Well I guess we will see about that won't we.  It's just the first item of many though.  So if  you need shoe clips than I've got them for you baby.  The best price to when you take free shipping into account. 

Stay tuned for the hundreds to more posts I have to come.  There will be supplies and handmade items.  I have plans for tutorials and so much more.  I'm very excited.  See my items below.  See you soon.
12 Metal Shoe Clips DIY Shoe Jewelry Free Shipping To US
$5.50 Free Shipping

12 individual shoe clips or 6 pair (2 pictured). These are silver color and measure 18x14x3mm. They measure approximately 1" open and 1/2" closed. They are small so they will not be seen behind whatever you wish to attach them to.

I always include a free information sheet about gluing tips. So if you are concerned about what glue to use then no worries.

There are two small holes that measure about 2mm on the top side of the clip. Perfect for sewing on ribbons or flowers. Or helping glue to adhere when gluing pearls, acrylics, buttons, glass, metal, beads, jewelry findings or whatever your little heart desires.

People really like to use them to make accessories and gifts for weddings. I love to make shoe clips for my high heels and flip flops. I've also seen some great clips make for crocs. Take your shoes from blah to beautiful. :)

Free Shipping to the United States! No matter how many you buy shipping is still free.


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