Thursday, April 28, 2011

These Shoe Clips Rock!

The moment I saw these little guitars I knew they would make some rockin' shoe clips.  I have them listed in 3 colors right now.  Pink (fuchsia), Silver & Purple.  Red and black are coming soon.    They are so cute on everything.  They are pictured on heels and kids and grown up flip flops.  I'm wishing I had some flats to try them on.  I'm selling the single clip for $8.00 and free shipping on Ebay.  I'll link below.  One just seems right.  Two seemed a bit over the top. 

For my fellow do-it-yourselfers these clips taught me something.  The clips themselves really do better on a hard surface if you give them a little cushion.  When you open and close the clip there is a little bar that needs to be able to move.  These particular ones have a foam disk under the clip.  I will be doing that in the future or all my resin clips.

 So I'm back and so very happy about it.  My class is as done as it's going to be and life has slowed down just a bit.  So it's time to craft.  Let me type that again...C R A F T.  You have no idea how good that felt.  :)  I'll link my Ebay listings and see below for more photos.
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